Avoid these 5 Design Mistakes for Mailers

August 20, 2018
August 20, 2018 twofivedesigns

Keep It Simple!

I see so many people making the mistake of designing their own mailers and putting the wrong information into their marketing campaign. Below are a few tips to keep those mailers from going straight to the trash.

1. Do not place a ton of images on the postcard.

I understand you want to show off every job you’ve done but mailers are not usually very big and the photos will end up looking small and pixelated. Make a more impactful statement with one or 2 large photos with the most influence.

2. Do not make your logo massive.

Put it in the upper left-hand corner or next to the contact information. Make it no bigger than 1.5″ wide. You don’t want it to detract from your unique selling proposition. Your customer’s will see your logo so don’t worry!

3. Do not forget to create urgency!

Is the season coming to an end for your service? Is there a limited-time offer available? Is your service or product luxurious or unique that customers will want to be the first to have it? Provide a sense of urgency so that they call as soon as possible!

4. Do not forget to tell them what to do.

If the purpose is to get people to your website to learn more, tell them to visit your website or scan a QR code. Want your customers to call you to schedule, tell them to “Call today!”. It’s super obvious but a lot of times this is left out on mailers.

5. Do not venture off brand.

If your branding is simple, clean, and uplifting, do not use dark images, messy textures, and tight placement. Stay consistent and on track with your brand’s personality and general branding.


As always, you can contact a graphic design professional who can do all this and much more!

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