One Trick to Discovering Your Brand’s Personality

August 18, 2018
August 18, 2018 twofivedesigns

Picture Your Business as a Room

Before tackling your brand and identity you need to know who (your business) you are branding. It is like picking out clothes that match your personality, style, and body type.

If your business was a room, what would that room look like? Are there natural wood accents, is it a clean modern space primarily black and white in color. Are there animal trophies on the wall? Getting an idea of this provides a great direction for where your brand is headed in the future. Visualizing this room can put concrete ideas into your head on what you envision for your business.

Consider what the employees look like, how they talk, the waiting room vibe, color palette, decorations on the wall, how the space is set up. Consider the examples below:


When visiting the Nike store you immediately see the bright orange walls and large murals of sports athletes. The employees dress in polos with sports pants and sports shoes and make you feel like you are getting ready for a sports game.


Big glass doors and windows welcome you and give you a sense of smallness, making their products appear larger than life. Everything is very minimal with led lights and products spaced far, invoking a sense of luxury and cleanliness.

Northern Axeposure (my client)

Upon approaching their location we are met with dark tinted glass and a black sign with their white logo. It gives you the impression you are entering a different world and that is because you are. Immediately as you walk in you smell the natural wood chips and you are introduced to a brown and black interior with dark green accents. They want to invoke that sense of wilderness and adventure because let us be honest, there is nothing else like it in the immediate area.

Try to imagine even the smallest details.

It’s not enough to get a general idea of your brand. You want to work out all of the little details. You have your room visualized but what about everything else?

How are new customers greeted?

Even though your business may be solely online, visualizing a physical location can help give you a vision. Is there a specific way you talk to customers (ex. serious, casual, fun, quirky, etc) Is the initial contact something you use to push a sale or is the initial contact to get them comfortable around you and make them at home?

What emotions are tied to your business?

If your business was a physical location are these customers walking into a professional up-tight environment or can they kick off their shoes. Is the staff pushing sales or are they there to educate you on the process and make you comfortable for a long-term commitment. Determine what you want your customers to feel and how you can make them feel that way in your domain.

Wrapping it up

These are things you want to know before you approach someone like me to brand your business. I like to know all of the gritty details that are not obvious to me on initial contact. It’s not just for me either, this is a great method if you really don’t know your brand or what you want it to be yet.

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